Welcome to Prunella’s Workshop. We are a small family business, husband and wife team, as well as a 6 year old boy and his one and a half year old sister to hinder the process as much as possible. Prunella’s Workshop specializes in metal smithing handcrafted jewelry and accessories in silver, copper, and/or bronze. Our work is highly influenced by, but not limited to, the medieval period.

Lynn Mohney has an undergraduate degree in graphic design, and is highly skilled in water color for portraiture, when not working at the jeweler’s bench. Lynn’s favorite style is filigree, and her work is an inspired blend of all the different types of filigree of the world. This is only closely followed by the art of chasing and repousse, and marriage of metals. Lynn also creates the majority of the pierced pieces in our collection.

Duane Mohney is a software engineer by day, and casts metal by night. Together, Lynn and Duane create wax models that Duane then turns into exquisite pieces of jewelry and other accessories. In addition, Duane creates fine furniture primarily with the use of hand tools.

Also, our son, or apprentice if you will, currently makes custom foam and plastic bead jewelry upon request. He has even begun some metal work and design.  However, it will be a few years before he graduates to using the torch!