Welcome to Prunella’s Workshop, where we create metal jewelry and clothing accessories for all of your needs.

We have a love of the past, and a fascination with the many similarities ancient jewelry has to the current fashion in jewelry. Some of our work strives to be as authentic as possible to the period whence it originated, while other pieces are mere inspirations from the past with a modern flair.

We also have a great fondness for the oral tradition of fairy tales and folk lore, which we try to incorporate into our work. We feel that the old stories are dying, replaced by commercialism-while we certainly enjoy those new versions too, we feel it is important to keep old traditions alive.

The work you see here is original, with the exception of the pieces that are admittedly derived from actual pieces that have been recovered from the medieval period. In some instances we have replaced ancient findings, such as clasps, and pins with more modern findings to better suit the current world. In others, we have not. You will find this included in the descriptions and photos of the pieces in question.

We hope you enjoy what you see here!